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Wednesday, 02.22.2017
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Hey! ...It's me James here :)

Been super busy lately so I haven't been able to post any videos etc lately.

But don't worry, I'll make it up to you right now with a new super amazing video just for  you.

...Yeah I know, I'm good to ya ain't I ;)

Anyhow, what's the vid about?

Well in today's super duper lesson on all things internet marketing, I'm gonna show you How To Get Traffic To Your Website Fast!

But what I love about this particular traffic method is not only is it fast i.e. it'll get you traffic today... Literally, but it's totally free to boot as well!

Cool right.

So if this sounds your cup of tea, then you can have a goosy-gander at the video tutorial right here.

... Read more »
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Hey it me, James and I'm want to teach you something!

So what I'm gonna show you today? 

Well today I'm gonna show you how you can make Youtube videos with a twist.

So what's the "twist" I hear cry?

Well here's the twist, I'm show you how to make profitable Youtube videos in seconds, and not only that but you don't actually make 'em.

Does that sound good? Sure does to me! So if you wanna know how to make profitable Youtube vids in SECONDS without EVER making one... Here's how!

...Told you it was cool. Anyone can do this, so get cracking on with it and watch the commissions roll in as a result

If you en ... Read more »
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Hey folks, it's your favourite internet marketer James Scholes and I've got a fab-dabbie-dozy of a post for you guys today!

Okay, I don't know how knowledgeable you are about the shanigans I get up to when it comes to making money on the good ol' inter-webs (And if you don't... Shame on you! Sign up to my affiliate marketing Newsletter to get the full skinny on all the money makin' methods I share for free here) but if you do... Then you'll know about my deep burning love for a really super cool tiny site you may of heard of called... Youtube!

Straight up! This site is the dog's bollocks... From a marketer's point of view that is! If you know how to harness the power of Youtube then you've basically got yourself a licence to print money. In fact I see Youtube as my personal ATM machine. If I need some cash fast... Then Youtube is my first port of call!

Okay okay, you get it ... Read more »
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Hey guys,

First up, just wanna welcome to my Blog. My name is James Scholes from the free Rapid Cash System and I've been a full time internet marketer since 2006 and as this is my very first post here... I'm gonna show you how to do it in a very step by step manner anyone can follow!

Cool huh.

And like I said, this way of making money online is very beginner friendly, so if you're completely green at making money online or totally new to internet marketing, then this video course is for you!

In fact I share this very method with my new students and 99% of them make their first lot of commissions 5 days of implementing it. So if they can do it... I'm pretty sure you can ;)

Okay, the first video of this 2 part video series will show show you a super simple system that requires no t ... Read more »
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